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Hunter Education

Persons born after 1961 must complete a certified hunter education course and proof of certification when purchasing or applying for hunting licenses. Youngsters should inquire early in the year to assure course completion before upcoming hunting seasons or application deadlines. Most classes are taught in the first half of the year.

Contact Gary Knotts (701) 280-2714

Hunter Education

Shooting Ranges:

Rifle Range: Dawn until dusk. Wednesday through Monday. 300 yards (Tuesday - reserved for Cass County Wildlife Club members only. Please DO NOT use clay pigeons at the rifle range.)  3512 154th Ave SE, Casselton, ND 58012

Trap Range: Open only during Cass County Wildlife Cub league shooting, which is held each Monday evening during the summer (May - August). Anyone is welcome to come and trap shoot - you do NOT need to be a member.  15455 35th St SE, Casselton, ND 58012. 


 Just a friendly reminder: Rifles and pistols are absolutely NOT allowed at the Trap Range!!! If you see anyone shooting pistols or rifles at the Trap Range please call the Cass County Sheriff's Office - Fargo, ND at 701-241-5800. 
The Rifle Range is 1/2 mile west and a 1/2 mile north of the Trap Range.

CCWC Rifle Range
Cass County Wildlife Rifle Range
CCWC Trap Range
CCWC Trap Range
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